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Photography by Natalie Deryn

          As humans born into a modern westernized society we inherit ways of life founded in separation from nature, from each other, and from ourselves. In our society that is addicted to separatist ways of life, “illusion only is sacred, truth profane.” (Guy Debord) However, there are ways of life we, as humans, can choose to practice in order to cultivate and deepen connections to and understandings of nature, others, and ourselves. Dance is my way of transforming the truth into the illusion and the illusion into the truth. Dance is fantasy and reality; it is an art, a blessing, and a purpose.

             The act of dancing acknowledges that the universe is greater than the self; I strive for it to be a selfless and giving act. I value awareness of societal issues, collaboration, improvisation, organic movement, expression, and various creative processes.

            I desire to live where bodies engage with one another. Western culture, as a society, has transitioned to ways of life that estrange expression into something mental and external to ourselves. I believe that we need to become proactive in solidarity, listen to one another and act through expression. I want to reclaim expression as an experience that is directly lived with others. 

Decent Descent_� Yuri Pires Tavares_06_0

Photography by Yuri Tavares

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